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AJB MasterCraft Construction

Anthony Berardino, CEO and founder of AJB Mastercraft Construction, has had a lifelong passion for carpentry, construction, and home improvement. His father, who owned his own construction company for over 40 years, had a significant influence on his upbringing, and Anthony eagerly assisted with projects from a young age. It wasn't until he was 16 years old that Anthony started to develop a strong interest in the industry, and he and his father began building custom homes and remodels throughout the Bay Area.

Through his father's connections in the trades, Anthony was able to gain valuable experience and knowledge, which ultimately led to a deep passion for every aspect of construction. Upon moving to San Diego, Anthony was inspired by the unique design of city and beachfront homes, and he founded AJB Mastercraft Construction, a company rooted in an old-school influence of construction. Perfection, hard work, and an eye for detail have always been the foundation of Anthony’s projects, and he is committed to creating clients' visions and dreams through his work. With years of experience in the industry, Anthony and his team at AJB Mastercraft Construction are dedicated to providing exceptional service and delivering projects of the highest quality.